RollnRoll SARL in collaboration with the finest French paper suppliers in the world are working on a new, state of the art blotting paper and one of the lightest in the world.

The paper will be organic, made of Hemp and comes in king size. This is still a work in progress, but very soon RollnRoll will release the blotting Papers to be sold in our online store.

The Strategy:

Our strategy is to release the first batch of blotting papers online and check the response of our customers.

Research and Development:

The product will be pure rice (Hemp) papers without any cotton or powder. Rice paper is created using different parts of the rice plant, such as the pith and boughs. Rice paper is very porous and an excellent way to soak up excess oils. It is very thin allowing it to absorb only the excess oil from the skin, keeping the skin a bit moist. This will prevent the skin from re-generating oil to compensate.


The development is still on going, We will release an update very soon. In the mean time you can still browse all our products by clicking this link: