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It seems that google is having one of the toughest fights against spammers and hackers. We were receiving in our google analytics a message engorging people to vote for trump and it is still there. I think that is something to do with language and replacing the world “Rolling Papers” by “Vote for Trump”. Trump already won the election but the spam is still active. “Secret.ɢoogle.com You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump” While our site is related to Rolling papers and rolling cigarette accessories. How to solve it? I have no Idea but google is working on it. It’s not easy and still no information on the time this issue will be resolved. here are some links claiming to have a solution for the problem http://help.analyticsedge.com/spam-filter/definitive-guide-to-removing-google-analytics-spam/ https://www.ohow.co/ultimate-guide-to-removing-irrelevant-traffic-in-google-analytics/ http://help.analyticsedge.com/spam-filter/definitive-guide-to-removing-google-analytics-spam/

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